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How many times have wondered what's happening tonight nearby where you can hear YOUR kind of music? We have too, so we made Good Muse for

Good Muse is designed to find you the events and places that are playing YOUR definition of good music. It’s been made for DJ’s, Promoters, Party Goers and more. Simply sign up to stay up to date and to get Priority Access to be first to download the app.

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What is your kinda music?

It’s not enough to look at a flyer’s genres anymore. Everyone has their own definition of what good music is and what they like to hear when they go out.

Awesome Events and Nights Out In Your Chosen Area

Find new venues, find new DJ’s, hear some of your favourite tunes, save events for the future, find events in different parts of the world. We want to make it easy for your to find the events playing your definition of good music. Just follow the 5 simple steps below:

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Tell The App What Songs You Like
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Start compiling playlists for different moods, events, celebrations, anything you like.
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Easy To Use

We made it as simple as possible. Tell the app what music you like. The app will find you events and DJ’s playing your definition of good music.

New Events On Autopilot

Tell the app your fave songs and it will show events that match your taste.

Get Friends Together

Let friends know about the new places you’ve found and have a great night out.

Award Winning DJ's

Sometimes the best DJ’s won’t be at the biggest gigs. Find them here.

Quick, Easy Sign Up

We don’t need to know your shoe size. Only what songs you love.

Personalised To You

You get events featuring your definition of good music.

Multiple Playlists

Organise your playlists to match the mood of the type of night you want

Your Nightlife Is About To Get Even Better

Ever been to dinner or a show and wanted to hit the town afterwards, but had not idea where to go or what kind of music was around you?

Meet our Team

The guys behind the scene, helping to change the music scene for DJ’s, Music Lovers and Promoters.


Jonathan Ambrose

Co Founder

A simple carbon based bearded Arsenal loving life form with dimples. Please follow GoodMuse App


David Ankrah

Co Founder

Multi-creative idea fountain with the desire to inspire. Lover of plantain


Mark Appiah

Creative Director

a.k.a. “ShugesInDaBuilding”, Radio Presenter, Club Host, Tour Manager

Our Partners

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Good Muse represents:

We want you to have a safe night out wherever you are.

Enjoy the vibes. Make Memories. Have Fun. Meet Someone New. Dance Like No One Is Watching.

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