11 Reasons Why DJs (and Promoters) Should Use The GoodMuse App

Being a DJ might be one of the best professions in the world. I mean you get to listen to and play your favourite music all of the time, then get paid to play what you feel to a crowd of people who want to dance the night away.
What could be better than that? 
Well now there are 11 reasons why you, as a DJ or Promoter, should join GoodMuse.
1. People want to go out and hear music they actually like
So who better to help people accomplish this? YOU, THE DJ! You share what you play on the platform, and where you play, and the info gets the right party people.
2. GoodMuse helps you build a list of fans
You’re at your gig and you play that new tune that stirs something deep, or that classic song that brings back a sense of nostalgia, or that mix that makes people lose it on the dance floor. Making announcements about how people can follow you on your social media channels is not always possible to a brand new crowd and your existing fanbase. Staying as close to your fans as you can is paramount, and Social Media together with GoodMuse are still the best way to do this. However with GoodMuse those who prefer to get a pure musical experience from you now have that option. “I’m on GoodMuse” would be your new phrase. 
3. Age Ain’t Nuttin’ But A Number (and GoodMuse Celebrates That)
As sung by the late ‘Aaliyah’, you can be a DJ in your late teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or even 90s, your music style is not only sacred to you but will also be appreciated by someone out there. GoodMuse is your platform.
4. GoodMuse Is For Every Style Of Music 
You’re a DJ and specialise in Airpop, Afrobeats, Bigroom, Brokenbeats, Chillstep, Conspiracy Rock, Country Dance Music, Dancehall, Dark bass, Deep House, Disco, DnB, Dub, Dubstep, Edm, Electro, Future Garage, Future House, Garage, Glitch Pop, Glitch Soul Jazz, Grime, Hardcore Punk, Hardstyle, Hiphop, Heavy Metal, House, Indie, Jazz, Liquid Dub, Lovers Rock, Minimal Techno, Melbourne Bounce, Old School Hiphop, Orchestrial Edm, Pop, Progressive House, Progressive Heavy Electro Rock, Psytrance, Punk Rock, Rare Groove, Reggae, Reggaeton, Revival, RnB, Rock Roots, Techno, Tech House, Trance, Trap, Tropical House, Soca, Soul, Soulful House, Spacetrap, 80s pop, 90s Rnb. There’s a new audience waiting to discover you
5. It’s Easy To Use GoodMuse
All you have to do is simply login, list where you’ll be playing and upload your playlists for reach event.You could even be out and about, at another gig or just chilling and you get notified of a last minute booking and you accept. 
6. It Gets Your Name Recognised By More Music Fans Out There
Forget all that complicated SEO (search engine optimisation) stuff – if you use GoodMuse and list where you’ll be playing, your set times and so on, you’ll naturally attract eyeballs online and build a new following to compliment your existing following. So when someone types “Neo Soul in Manchester”, if you’re a Neo Soul DJ from Manchester your listings will over time become visible just through you using GoodMuse! 
7. Social Media Is Fantastic but…
Relying on social media for your online presence is not quite as focused as GoodMuse. It’s a specialised media designed to help you promote your brand to the masses that want to hear…you! Imagine having a tool where not only your regular followers know where you’ll be, but there will be a completely new set of people turning up in person. News feeds are getting busier and busier, so make it as easy as possible for music fans to find your event.
8. GoodMuse Is Cost Effective!
Imagine targeting an audience that wants to hear your talent, that will appreciate your playlist and needs you to create a great experience for them, FOR FREE (for the foreseeable)? Would you rather print flyers and go around in the cold, or have the flyer automatically turn up on the handset screens of music fans?
9. GoodMuse Is In Real Time
Unlike other simple event listing sites, your gigs are uploaded and location displayed in real time on Google maps. 
No more outdated information and last minute notifications about venue changes or cancellations will be seen immediately. Your audience will really appreciate you for that. 
10. From Local To Global
You DJs are heroes to 1000s upon 1000s of people who love to hear your type of music so imagine this if you may. Tonight you have a 2 hour set in Shoreditch, London and you get notified of a gig in Ibiza tomorrow night and another one a few nights later in Cancun, fantastic aren’t you popular! All you have to do is simply upload your new events and voila, the local population will be notified that you will be playing in their area!
11. You Will Be Part of The Smallest Biggest DJ Finding Service
Imagine a service actually bragging about such a thing but what we’ve noticed in the social DJ business is that being too big sometimes means losing quality control. We are compromised of 3 entrepreneurs, 2 of which are professional DJs with years of experience. Each of us takes their work seriously as we uniquely work with everyone from ‘bedroom DJs’ looking to get their first gig, to established DJs who want to get more of the right people to their events. We would love to have you be a part of our progressive, fun and ambitious brand.  
Be A Part Of A Game Changer, Be A Part Of GoodMuse.
Sign up now at GoodMuse.com and follow us @Goodmuseapp