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Ibiza Ibiza Ibiza!

So as the summer season begins in one of the top party destinations in the World, Ibiza, we’ll tell you about one of our experiences over there. Day 1 (Thursday) After booking our flights in January at dirt cheap prices, British Airways £181 return from Heathrow (I’m just saying) we were finally off to Ibiza. 7 months of talking about […]

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I’m at Miami Carnival…baby!

​So there I was at another soca event, Busspepper, on a Saturday night, just minding my own business and then ‘ba-ding’ an opportunity of a lifetime gets thrown at me. “How would I like to go to Miami Carnival in a few days?”. “Errrrrrmmmm, yeah of course but what’s the catch?”. “Well, blah blah, can’t make it so all you […]

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We love you Notting Hill Carnival…

So it’s been almost a week since the 50th Notting Hill Carnival said goodbye to us. ​ The discarded costumes are in a landfill somewhere, the big trucks are hauling something else on a road somewhere and the sound systems are packed away in a lockup. Everyone that I know and you know that went had a really good time […]

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