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We love Notting Hill Carnival…

So it’s just under a week until London’s, 51st Notting Hill Carnival. The final touches to the costumes are taking place, the chefs are getting the jerk chicken and fried plantain prepared and the big trucks are being wired up to the sound systems. Everyone that I know and you know that went last year had a really good time […]

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I’m at Miami Carnival…baby!

​So there I was at another soca event, Busspepper, on a Saturday night, just minding my own business and then ‘ba-ding’ an opportunity of a lifetime gets thrown at me. “How would I like to go to Miami Carnival in a few days?”. “Errrrrrmmmm, yeah of course but what’s the catch?”. “Well, blah blah, can’t make it so all you […]

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