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I’m at Miami Carnival…baby!

​So there I was at another soca event, Busspepper, on a Saturday night, just minding my own business and then ‘ba-ding’ an opportunity of a lifetime gets thrown at me. “How would I like to go to Miami Carnival in a few days?”. “Errrrrrmmmm, yeah of course but what’s the catch?”. “Well, blah blah, can’t make it so all you […]

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We love you Notting Hill Carnival…

So it’s been almost a week since the 50th Notting Hill Carnival said goodbye to us. ​ The discarded costumes are in a landfill somewhere, the big trucks are hauling something else on a road somewhere and the sound systems are packed away in a lockup. Everyone that I know and you know that went had a really good time […]

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