Why are Christmas Office Party DJs so rubbish?

“All I Want for Christmas is You(uuuuuu)”

Now unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, had Ebenezer Scrooge as your idol or just don’t care about music, you’ll know that Mariah Carey has been belting out this song for a while now (23 years to be exact).

If you can or have been bothered to go to your office / department / organisation Christmas party and the boss has decreed that staff provided CDs are barred and streaming is ‘a little beyond their technical knowledge’ but has forked out for a DJ, hand on your heart, have you enjoyed the music?

Seriously, I’ve heard better playlists when I’m waiting to speak to British Gas customer services. It’s like they’ve used the exact same playlist from their very first Christmas gig 15 years ago, no updates, no amendments, no nothing!

Why? What are they afraid of? How is it deemed acceptable to play ‘Agadoo’ by Black Lace, Any songs by ABBA or ‘It Wasn’t Me’ by Shaggy’? (For those that are too young to remember, just go on YouTube).

Now, whilst they were great tunes when they were released, ‘cheesy’ is one word that can be used to describe them now. Why are these type of DJs scared to mix it up and play some decent songs that you’ll actually get up and dance to without feeling embarrassed in front of the boss or Becky, with the good hair, from Accounts?

Ok, whilst I agree that as a standard code of law of, thou shall not approach and request a song to be played by the DJ, requests should be actively encouraged as many times as possible at many office parties.

Apart from all the other factors that can make the occasion cringe worthy i.e party games, drunken behaviour, fake smiles, talking about work issues even though you are officially not at work, the music selection can literally make or break an evening out (think of all the other parties you’ve been to previously this year…I’ll give you a second).

So what’s the fear of mixing in some modern tracks? Is it because the workforce are often mainly maturer caucasians and there’s a concern they won’t like or understand what’s being played, or maybe the DJ just sees it as an easy gig for a couple of hours and can’t be arsed to put in as much effort as if they were playing at a festival.

I guess we’ll never get to the answer but similar to Mariah, all I’d like for Christmas at a work do is to hear some good tunes and be merry.

Bah Humbug to you all lol!


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One Comment

  1. Hope Grant-
    December 21, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    Good read. However, I must tell you, our office Christmas party was banging this year! We always submit three of our favourite tracks each and the DJ did not disappoint. He played for the crowd which was mixed young and old and we had banging tunes throughout. The DJ even let people turn the decks and don his headphones! I know this is not normally the case so I think we were just very, very lucky 😳💃🏽🕺🏾🎄